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She Engages Your Employees to Create a Happy Workplace  


" As a former Southwest Airlines leader, I acquired the skills and knowledge to establish a loyal workforce your customers will love and your competitors will envy.         

Spotlighting Lorraine's Latest Books

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How to Create a Happy Workplace

"What Award Winning Companies Know"


"... a fascinating read that explores the relationships between management & employees and provides a blueprint to help them create a happy and productive workplace."

                                                                                  Kevin MacNeill - NASA

Lessons in Loyalty

"How Southwest Airlines Does It - An Insider's View"

"Southwest Airlines fully engages its incredible workforce to provide Great Customer Service.  Read about Lorraine's 15 years' experience as a leader in this amazing culture.  Learn the secrets of how this group of warrior-spirited employees beat all odds to become the powerhouse it is today."

Richard Bruce - Publisher

Lorraine Knows 'Happy Workplaces'

"Lorraine is the expert you want by your side to engage your employees and create a loyal & happy workforce."

Her many books give credence to the vast experience she brings to the table and is now available to speak, consult or deliver a workshop to your team...

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"If your desire is to build a culture of spirited, dedicated and loyal employees, you've come to the right place."

"Each book describes a unique approach forward-thinking CEO's use to engage their employees. The stories are based on real life case studies, not hypothetical or what-if scenarios."

"Once you've read them, you will find multiple applications to Create a Happy Workplace at your company."  

"I am available to speak, consult or deliver a workshop to your team...  Contact me via my message page.


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(Click the book covers to read the First Chapter)

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