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"My mission is to engage your employees and create a safe and happy workplace. As a former Southwest Airlines leader, I acquired the skills and knowledge to establish a loyal workforce your customers will love and your competitors will envy." 



High Performance in Action during Hurricane Harvey

By toe | Oct 9, 2017

Bringing Unity to Community During Disaster Lighthouse Charity Team in Action Hurricane Harvey roared ashore battering the small coastal town of Rockport, Texas. It then quickly made its way to Houston bringing record-breaking torrential rainfall causing one of the worst flooding events in Houston’s history.   This story begins with Sheriff’s Deputy John Bertolino Sr.,…

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National Boss’ Day – What Will You Do For Your Boss?

By toe | Oct 9, 2017

  It was 1993. I was flying from Houston to Dallas on Southwest Airlines seated next to Carol. We were both employees of Southwest, she a Customer Service Agent and I a Marketing Manager. “You know what today is”, she asked? “Yes”, I replied, “it’s National Boss’ Day”. “Well”, she continued, “we happen to have…

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“Do Something Nice Day” – What will you do for your employees?

By toe | Oct 3, 2017

Research from industry experts such as Mercer, Gallup, and Hewitt proves the best way to show employees that you care is to recognize and reward them. Take the time on October 5th,  “Do Something Nice Day”,  to surprise your team. People who feel appreciated will be more invested in your company, work harder and give…

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From the Helm: A Female Perspective of
Life as a Tugboat Captain

By toe | Sep 17, 2017

Interview With Lindsay Price, Tugboat Captain for Harbor Assist. Operating in the ports of the Greater Houston/Galveston Harbor  –  Written by Lorraine Grubbs As an author, I am constantly on the lookout to highlight people who are taking the road less travelled. I look for people who do things boldly and outside of most peoples’…

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Employees Returning to Work After a Disaster – 6 Ideas Employers Can Use to Help

By toe | Sep 3, 2017

Houstonians and Texans will forever remember the week of August 25, 2017 as one of the most horrific flooding events ever. Hurricane Harvey not only decimated the South Texas Coast, it also lingered over Houston, flooding a metropolitan area covering over 2200 square miles. Harvey became a “all hands on deck” moment when citizens and…

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A Culture of Commitment – Behind the Scenes by Lorraine Grubbs & Melissa Smith

By toe | Aug 30, 2017

In our continuing series to highlight the “Culture of Commitment” at General Insulation, this article features two employees that many people may not have met. These individuals’ activities are performed primarily ‘behind the scenes’. Their roles are important to the ongoing success of GIC.    Ellen Sirois, IT Director, Tax Officer, & Corporate Secretary, Rockland…

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Ten Interview Tips to Land the Best Job

By toe | Jul 29, 2017

As the Director of Employment at Southwest Airlines, my job was to hire the best. Every year, 2500 applicants out of 100,000 became our ‘warrior spirited’ employees. Southwest, like other top employers, is a coveted place to work and recognized as a Happy Workplace by Forbes and Fortune Magazine. This is the second in my blog…

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A Culture of Commitment: From Millennial to Baby Boomer: by Lorraine Grubbs and Melissa Smith

By toe | Jul 19, 2017

This is the second interview in a series highlighting General Insulation employees. The two individuals, Stephanie Meegan, Operations Manager of the Miami Branch and Vincent Martinez, Warehouse Manager of the San Francisco Branch were chosen because, like the first three Branch Managers interviewed for our first article, they are a good example of the culture…

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Nine Tips to Find the Best Job

By toe | Jun 23, 2017

As the Director of Employment at Southwest Airlines, my job was to make sure we hired the very best. Every year, 2500 applicants out of 100,000 became our ‘warrior spirited’ employees and many of these individuals used the Nine tips below to catch our attention. Use these tips and increase your chances of getting an…

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