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"How to Create a Happy Workplace"

Lorraine's newest book illustrates how eight Award -Winning Companies create and maintain a Happy Workplace for their employees.  Lorraine introduces her 'Happy Workplace System' along with her four 'Navigational Beacons' used to guide your company on its journey to create a workforce of Happy Employees. You begin by Putting People First

"Lessons in Loyalty"

Southwest Airlines has a secret sauce, its incredible workforce of leaders at all levels. 'Lessons in Loyalty' is an insider's clear, concise and energizing teachable points of view on how to build such a winning team. Read how Lorraine experienced the amazing culture that helped this organization beat all odds to become the powerhouse it is today. Learn the secrets Lorraine reveals to help you succeed by always...         Putting People First.

"Beyond the Executive Comfort Zone"beyond_brhmw3-1-copy

A creative CEO, whose desire to double his company's size, prompted him to use outrageous training tactics on his loyal team of executives. This book will challenge everything you ever thought was 'normal' when looking for a way to effectively train your people. "This is not your typical leadership book, however, it might be the one you're enduringly grateful to have found."  We use the term 'Disruptive Training' when describing the tactics used throughout this book.

"Cooking for a Cause"

How a small group of Texas Volunteers raised over $20,000,000  for Charity. This is the story of a man's passion for cooking BBQ that led him and his wife into a life of service to others. 'People Helping People - Cooking for a Cause' is the motto of this band of warrior-spirited volunteers. Putting People First is the secret of their success. Follow in their footsteps and start your own "Cooking for a Cause" charity. 

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