Top 10 Leadership Tips to Build a High Performance Team from Lorraine's latest book, 'Cooking for a Cause'


Be a Person Who Likes People…all People

Treat People As Equals - The Golden Rule still applies: “Treat Others as You Would Want to Be Treated”

Trust - Show your people you trust them by empowering them

Be an Excellent Listener - You have two ears and one mouth for a reason

Give Praise and Thanks Frequently - They won’t care how much you know until they know how much          you care

Make Sacrifices for the Organization -  Never ask anyone to do something you would not do yourself. 

Communicate Effectively - Write well, speak well, listen well…it’s the basis of any good leader’s success

Create a Unique Business Model - What’s unique about your business? Know your Competitive                    Advantage

Lead Through Love - Treat Others Like Family - Let people know you love them and respect them as        you would your own family

Remain Calm Under Fire - People will look to you to set the example when things don’t go right


Excerpt from Lorraine's Book “Cooking For A Cause".

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