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by Eight Award-Winning CEOs

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John Johnson - David Weekley Homesv

"We believe people are everything and we live by that philosophy.  Our company is only as good as our people. Our purpose - 'Building Dreams, Enhancing Lives' - is applied to our Teams, our Customers and our Community, in that order. We always Put People First."

Stacey GillmanGillman Automotive

stacey-lorraine"We place a high value on our employees. The cornerstone of our business is Customer Satisfaction.  Above all, we believe satisfied employees are definitely our biggest asset because they create satisfied customers. Customer-oriented employees don’t just happen.  It takes time and effort to create and sustain this mindset."

Dr. Mark BoomHouston Methodist Hospital

"Our people strategy is Purposeful. Our culture is alive and well because at all levels we pay attention to everything – hiring, onboarding, recognition, communication, everything. Our best ambassadors are our people. We hold each other accountable."

John Flatowitz - Briggs & Veselka CPA's

john-f-lg"Our culture is defined by our motto, 'All hands on deck.'  From the partners on down, everyone’s willing to lend a hand when a client has a need. Our people will 'take the bull by the horns' and get the job done. This 'doing whatever it takes' attitude plays a key role in developing great relationships. We strive to work as a team and encourage leaders and employees to get to know one another. We want people to feel they’re coming home to their second family each morning."

Tom Elsenbrook - Alvarez & Marsal 

"Our people like each other.  That’s the easiest way to say it. We define fun as 'purposeful work being done by an engaged workforce'. We promise our people they’ll develop faster here at Alvarez & Marsal.  When your values are ingrained in your employees, common sense prevails and people operate pretty much independently. We’re very entrepreneurial. Our culture is based on mutual accountability. Our commitment is to put our clients’ interests first, along with providing our employees with fulfilling work and rewarding them accordingly."

Bill SimsAccent Wire

bill-and-me-1"There’s only one word for our culture, 'family'. I want us to be like a light on a hill, a place people are drawn toward. Our employees enjoy working here and consider us family. Our core belief, 'strong products, strong people, strong ties' permeates our culture. We are a family-run company.  Our family philosophy is at the core of our culture, and we want our family members to succeed."

Dr. Steven Hotze - Hotze Health and Wellness

"We value everyone. Our core values are: Worship God in our work; recognize the intrinsic work of each individual; provide extraordinary hospitality and guest experiences; operate profitably and continually increase our knowledge and skills."

Lewis Ten HaveChristian Brothers Automotive

lorraine-ten-have-2-1"Our Biblical foundation leads us to love our neighbor as we would ourselves.  We want our people to care for our customers the way they would like to be cared for. It’s important that we stay true to our faith-based principles and stay humble."

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